Ideali offers Asia’s widest variety of premium homeware made available to you at the best rates.

Enjoy up to 40% off regular prices as we save on physical retail and middlemen costs. You get the opportunity to upgrade your home pieces to better quality and more innovative designs.

We even offer 2-year full warranty and lifetime repair support for appliances, so you can be assured when buying from Ideali.


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Highlights of Latest Deliveries - Ideali

Highlights of Latest Deliveries

Michael Lee
Ideali is here for you every step of the way. From the moment you select your homeware pieces, all the way to shipping. We provide you live order updates for your purchases.
Latest Installations and Maintenance - Ideali

Latest Installations and Maintenance

Michael Lee
Ideali uniquely offers warranty, repair and installation for our appliances, so you can leave everything to us and enjoy the peace of mind.
5 Reasons Why Premium Wine Fridges are Better in Quality - Ideali

5 Reasons Why Premium Wine Fridges are Better in Quality

Michael Lee

Calling all the wine lovers! Here’s our rundown of reasons why you should get serious and invest in a proper fridge dedicated especially for your selection of expensive bottles of wine.