Enjoy FREE AIR SHIPPING on purchases over HKD 30,000 / SGD 5,000 for appliances and bathroom / kitchen fixtures.

Promotion Period: Valid until 30-11-2021

Discount Code: CONSOL

Terms & Conditions

  • Most appliances qualify for free shipping, except refrigerators over 1 meter in height are subject to HKD 2,500 / SGD 580 surcharge, and washers / dryers are subject to HKD 900 / SGD 190 surcharge.
  • Most bathroom / kitchen sanitary ware qualify for free shipping, except products exceeding 1 meter in length (e.g. bathroom furniture, bath tubs, and some basins). Please enquire with us on the surcharges.
  • Alternatively, FREE SEA SHIPPING applies to appliance orders over HKD 50,000 / SGD 9,000
  • Ideali's free / cost effective shipping rates are made possible by and contingent on shipping consolidation of multiple customers, on Ideali's regular air and sea freight from Europe to Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as local trucking. If your needs require delivering outside of the regular consolidation schedule, please inquire with us the additional cost.
  • With consolidated freight and local trucking, while we try our best to accommodate your preferred delivery date range, actual dates will vary. If you wish to specify a date for local delivery, please enquire with us the additional costs of warehouse storage and trucking.
  • If you wish to change the preferred delivery date range, please inform us as early as possible, so that we will try to delay or advance the shipment without incurring additional fees. The earlier you inform us, the more likely we can change shipping plans without incurring extra fees.

  • Due to Covid impact on global supply chain of manufacturers and logistics providers, we strongly encourage customers to confirm orders earlier to buffer for possible delays.