Free Air Shipping

Enjoy FREE AIR SHIPPING on purchases over HKD 30,000 / SGD 5,000 for appliances and bathroom / kitchen fixtures.

Promotion Period: Valid until 31-05-2022

Discount Code: please contact us to avail of free shipping

Terms & Conditions

  • Most appliances qualify for free shipping, except refrigerators over 1 meter in height are subject to HKD 1,800 / SGD 320 surcharge. For orders over HKD 50,000 / SGD 9,000, the surcharge will be 50% off, at HKD 900 / SGD 160.
  • Most bathroom / kitchen sanitary ware qualify for free shipping, except products exceeding 1 meter in length (e.g. bathroom furniture, bath tubs, and some basins). Please enquire with us on the surcharges.
  • Alternatively, FREE SEA SHIPPING applies to appliance orders over HKD 50,000 / SGD 9,000
  • Ideali's free / low cost shipping are made possible by consolidated air and sea shipment of multiple orders from Europe to Hong Kong and Singapore, and just-in-time consolidated local deliveries. If you require a delivery date outside of the regular consolidation schedule, additional trucking and/or warehouse costs will apply.
  • If you wish to delay the preferred delivery date range, we will try to accommodate as much as possible, but additional storage costs may apply.
  • Due to Covid impact on global supply chain of manufacturers and logistics providers, we strongly encourage customers to confirm orders earlier to buffer for possible delays, which affect not only Ideali but also all merchants across the globe.

  • Payment by bank transfer to enjoy this free shipping promotion. If you wish to pay by credit card, a 1.5% credit card fee will apply.

Fuel Surcharge (FSC)

Due to the fluctuation of fuel prices, in order for us to maintain a reliable and high quality delivery service for our customers, IdealiHome will introduce a temporary fuel surcharge (FSC) on particular products until further notice.

Appliances HKD SGD
Coffee Machine $600 $100
Warming Drawer
Ovens & Microwaves $750 $130
Washers & Dryers $900 $160
Refrigeration Units
Range Cookers
Bathroom and Kitchen HKD SGD
Basins $400 $70
Toilets $600 $100
Kitchen Sinks / Double basins
Bath tubs To be quoted To be quoted
Other items under 1 meter Free Free
Furnitures HKD SGD
All Furnitures To be quoted To be quoted
Lifestyle HKD SGD
All lifestyle products Free Free


If you have any questions, please reach out to our local representative.