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Quick & Easy Repairs at Half the Price

Repaired July 30, 2021

When it comes to repairing the appliances you cherish, we at Ideali take complications out of the equation. 

A great example of this in action comes in one of our recent repairs for Mr. Willis Wei’s newly installed oven. (Check out Ideali Home's vast catalog of ovens.)

The issue: a plastic latch that was supposed to hold onto the oven door when closed was dislodged, and it needed to be replaced. This kind of latch is known to be a fragile but common repair, so it should be a quick and easy fix, right?

Mr. Wei asked the original manufacturer of the oven to repair this one piece of plastic, but the repair was quoted at around HKD 3,500. For a single piece of plastic. Yikes.

Skilled technicians from Ideali offered to repair Mr. Wei’s new oven and used genuine components from the original manufacturer to ensure the best quality repair.  

And the total cost? Just around HKD 1,500. That's less than half the price of the same repair from the original manufacturer. 

This is how Ideali delivers its warranty repairs and services for your confidence and peace of mind: uncompromising quality by skilled service members at reasonable prices 


Quality Service at No Extra Cost

(Not) Repaired July 9, 2021

No matter how small the repair, we at Ideali make sure to provide the best service we can offer, even if it comes at no cost to you. 

A great example of this philosophy in action is when one of our customers, Ms. Lim, encountered a problem: she couldn’t open the door of her Siemens washing machine at home. (Also see other Siemens washing machines available at Ideali Home.)

To avoid risking damage to her new appliance, she contacted Ideali’s team of skilled technicians to help her with her issue. 

After a bit of back-and-forth with the details of the issue, the Ideali Team quickly determined the cause and guided the customer on how to resolve it. 

Total cost of repair? ZERO HKD. 

Our team of skilled technicians, with their wide array of reliable skills in helping you with your appliances, ensures you always get excellent service for your warranty repair needs, with reasonable pricing to complete the package.

Be at ease with your appliances and be confident in the service of Ideali’s Warranty Repair Team.

Ideali uniquely offers warranty, repair and installation for our appliances, so you can leave everything to us and enjoy the peace of mind.


Esther’s Brand-New Siemens Refrigerator

Installed May 7, 2021

Esther was working on upgrading her kitchen, one of the improvements she wanted to do was install a brand-new Siemens refrigerator from Ideali.

The challenge faced by the team was in the installation of her unit. Her space could fit a refrigerator that is 555 mm wide, however her newly purchased Siemens refrigerator was 558 mm in width, a small difference that would result in issues with the installation. Precision of cabinet dimensions are critical for built-in appliances, and a 3mm difference is enough for the new fridge whose shell is made of hard steel to not fit within the space at all.

We were able to send over an experienced team of skilled service engineers to find ways to solve a nearly possible task. Our technicians used cabinet jigs and their skills to expand the cabinet slightly, without damaging it. The gap widens slightly and gradually over 90min. Then, before the cabinet reverts to its original width, our technicians swiftly inserted and fastened the new fridge in place.

Our team was able to dismantle her old refrigerator, carry the new unit through flights of stairs without any damage, and install it into Esther’s kitchen space flawlessly.

Making the impossible, possible, we find ways to solve problems and we come up with effective solutions, so all you have to do is sit back, and enjoy your purchase. We go the extra mile to make your experience of what is already an amazing product even better through quality service.

Queenie’s Siemens Hood
Installed May 6, 2021

Queenie was working on remodeling her kitchen space. She had ordered a brand-new Siemens chimney-type wall mounted hood. Due to movements and delays on her renovation timelines, she opted to defer her delivery, which the Ideali team was able to assist her with smoothly. We were able to move the delivery and the installation date of her Siemens hood to allow more time for to complete her kitchen.

We are flexible to your requests and we work with your schedule to ensure that you get the best experience every time you purchase from us, providing both quality and convenience for all your home improvement needs.

Paul’s Siemens Induction Hub & Hood
Installed April 30, 2021

Paul was on the hunt for quality essentials for his kitchen. Through the Ideali website, we were able to match him with the perfect induction hob and cooktop for his space from Siemens.

We’ve made sure to carry only the products and brands we believe in, and we are proud of the selection of appliances on our website-- sourced directly from brands in Europe and the USHe was able to find just the right product for his home at the best rate possible.

Apart from quality products, we also take care of installation too. Our team of skilled service engineers installed the unit excellently into his kitchen space. Now he gets to enjoy his new Siemen’s induction hub and hood.

Tina’s Office Microwave Oven
Installed March 15, 2021

We worked with Tina on her new office pantry by installing her Siemens Steamer, Fridge-Freezer and Dishwasher. We sent her only the best people for the job, our Siemens Service Engineer took care of making sure her units was carefully installed and positioned exactly where she imagined it to be. They did a fantastic job - clean, seamless, and delivered on time. This is the kind of experience you get when you trust our manufacturers service team to work their magic.

Repairing and Sourcing Parts for Mike’s Washing Machine
Completed March 2, 2021

Mike had his Miele Washing Machine for 8 years, after the wear and tear of everyday tasks and washing barrels after barrels of clothing, some of the parts needed to be changed and it was up for repairs and improvements. We sourced the manufacturers parts for his unit along with installing a new rubber rim for his washing machine. He also had an additional request of stacking his washer and dryer. A new arrangement for his area that we were also able to assist him in with ease. We offered labor from Miele service engineers and authentic parts at such a great deal!

Repairing & Installing Karen’s Steam Oven & Microwave
Completed February 17, 2021

Our client, Karen bought a top-of-line Miele Combi Steam Oven. In the last minute, right before Chinese New Year, she decided to want help installing the oven. This is when we stepped in to help. We brought her the same service engineer as Miele for only $650, vs Miele HK that charges up to $1800 for similar installations. Our engineer also discovered that her contractor installed only a 13A socket, which is inadequate for such a top-end oven. Good thing she found out before blowing out the fuse!



Original Manufacturer Servicing and Parts

We use the same service engineers and original manufacturer parts as local distributors in Hong Kong and Singapore for repairs and installations, so you get the very best experience possible. We also offer the same 2-year warranty as Hong Kong and Singapore distributors for Miele, Siemens and Bosch.

Original manufacturer part that Ideali procured for a client

The Best Rates for Top Notch Service

Many local distributors charge you an arm and a leg just to install or repair your unit. Well, we’re here to tell you that you won’t have this experience here with us at Ideali. We’ll bring you top notch service at the best rates, without the hidden costs. Now there’s more savings for you to enjoy!