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Ovens are true staples that have become essential in any modern kitchen. The sheer versatility of modern ovens allow home cooks to bake, grill, broil, or warm just about any kind of food all within a single appliance. New features and tech have upgraded ovens these days to add more functionality. But how do you go about choosing the right one for you? (Explore Ideali Home’s catalog of ovens here.)

Let’s take a look at a series of ovens from our partner brand Miele. With an oven at just about every price point and features to match, you can compare and decide which ovens will properly suit your home baking needs.

For a quick overview of the functionality you can expect to find at various price ranges for modern ovens, here’s a comparison chart:





H2265-1B (60x60 cm), H2265-1BP (60x60 cm) 

H2760B (60x60 cm), H2760BP (60x60 cm), H2860B (60x60 cm), H2860BP (60x60 cm) 

H7162BP (60x60 cm), H7260BP (60x60 cm), H7262BP (60x60 cm), H7264BP (60x60 cm)

Price (HKD)

$7,918 - $9,391

$10,183 - $13,582

$16,414 - $19,812

Core Miele Functionality

(Rapid Heat-up, Intensive Bake, Actual and Target Temp Display)




Modern Functions

(SoftOpen & SoftClose, Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning for BP Models, More Design Options)



Advanced Features

(Automatic Programs, Crisp Function, Wireless Food Probe, Catalyzer, Food View, MoisturePlus)


Display / Interface

EasyControl (control knobs)


(control knobs)


(touch capacitive buttons)

*Only select models have all these features

This table presents a quick overview of the feature differences of the Miele microwave ovens at three price ranges.

Basic Ovens: The Ovens You Know and Love

Reference Models: Miele H2265-1B (60x60 cm) [HKD 7,918] and H2265-1BP (60x60 cm)  [HKD 9,391] 

Miele's entry-level ovens like the H2265-1B (60x60 cm) are the traditional ovens you’re already familiar with, modernized and with a touch of premium Miele design.

The base models come with the core functionality you expect in any modern oven, with additional features such as  Rapid Heat-Up (to heat up the oven chamber faster so you can get to baking quicker), Intensive Bake for crispier yet still juicy dishes on the inside, and Actual and Target Temperature Displays so you know what temps your oven is cooking your dishes at. 

BP models have a feature called Pyrolytic Cleaning that uses intense, high heat to burn leftover dirt and grime within your oven for an easier clean.

Midrange Ovens: Smarter Heat

Reference Models: Miele H2760B (60x60 cm), H2760BP (60x60 cm), H2860B (60x60 cm), and H2860BP (60x60 cm) [HKD 10,183 - 13,582]

Midrange Miele ovens like the H2760BP (60x60 cm) share all of the same features of the base Miele ovens, but with a few added smarts to make your baking a little more seamless.

Features like the SoftOpen and SoftClose create a more enjoyable and safer baking experience, allowing the oven door to close and open elegantly all the way through. Pyrolytic Cleaning makes a return, allowing more effortless cleaning after all your baking.

Midrange models also see a major step up in design, with more premium design options that look utterly gorgeous and adds beauty to any modern kitchen.

High-End Ovens: Premium, Smart Baking

Reference Models: Miele H7162BP (60x60 cm), H7260BP (60x60 cm), H7262BP (60x60 cm), and H7264BP (60x60 cm) [HKD 16,414 - 19,812]

At the premium end of Miele’s oven series, all the features from previous price points come together with even more smart features to truly elevate your baking experience. 

High-end ovens like the H7260BP (60x60 cm) bring smart features like Automatic Programs for smart, automated settings to easily bake many varieties of dishes and a Crisp Function that uses intense heat to create extra-crispy outer layers to your dishes while keeping the insides well-cooked.

Select premium ovens also feature Wireless Food Probes that smartly adjust your oven’s heat depending on the internal temperature of the dishes you’re baking, Food View where a camera within your oven streams a clear live feed of the food you’re baking so you can monitor its progress remotely, and MoisturePlus that adds a dash of moisture to keep your baked dishes moist and juicy while baking.

Design-wise, the premium models all have the best selections for a truly elegant-looking and modern kitchen setup. These ovens come with exquisite design choices, and their chambers have Catalyzers that reduce smelly odors and dirt after a baking session. The high-end models also feature fancy, touch-sensitive DirectSensor controls for a truly modern touch that makes operating your oven even simpler and smarter.

BONUS: Miele also has a true top-of-the-line oven, the DO7860 (60x60 cm). At HKD 79,200, this is, bar-none, the best oven you can get from Miele, featuring all the features Miele has to offer in the baking space for the truly experienced and discerning baker. 

Unique features like M-Chef, Gourmet Assistant, and Gourmet Pro are all smart cooking modes that automate and actively assist you as you bake, with granular control over all the features of your oven. The DO7860 also features the highest-end interface you can find in Miele’s ovens, with a full touchscreen that brings a modern feel and all your baking settings in one place. It’s the pinnacle of baking that’s perfect for high-level bakers.

More Options from Other Brands

While Miele’s options are diverse, you can also find oven selections from brands like Siemens and Bosch that also offer modern built-in ovens.




iQ500 and iQ700 series

Serie 6/8

Price (HKD)

$7,125 - $13,922

$6,491 - $19,000

Noteworthy Features

Core Baking Functions, 3D HotAir, EcoClean, Touch Displays (select models), Home Connect (select models)

Core Baking Functions, 3D HotAir, EcoClean, AutoPilot 10, Touch Displays (select models), Steam Baking, Smart Cooking Modes (select models)

With this many options to choose from, choosing a new oven for your needs has never been easier and more diverse. Choose your next oven at reasonable prices over at Ideali Home!