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Induction hobs are all the rage these days when it comes to home cooking. In fact in some markets, induction hobs sales already surpass that of gas hobs.

These days, we’re seeing a rapid shift away from traditional gas hobs to induction hobs, marrying old-school cookery with modern technology. But what exactly makes induction very appealing?


Induction hobs address a lot of the key weaknesses and dangers of traditional gas hobs, while also optimizing the way we cook. Some benefits of induction hobs are:

  • Compared to traditional gas hobs and contrary to popular belief, induction hobs are incredibly efficient at heating up your cookware. Induction hobs deliver up to twice as much heat to your pans compared to gas hobs, using less energy, thus offering you cost savings.

    Unlike the wild flames of gas hobs, induction hobs offer very precise control over heat. You can adjust wattage in granular increments to set more exact temperatures for the dish you’re cooking. You can even set a desired temperature, and your induction hob can automatically adjust the amount of electricity needed to achieve that heat.

    Induction hobs also don’t give out a lot of residual heat. Heat is transferred directly onto the pans or pots on top of the induction hob, so you won’t have to worry about unnecessarily heating up your kitchen and enjoy more comfortable cooking.


  • Overall, safety is a major win for induction hobs, which use smart features and clever heating tricks to minimize risks to homes, especially for children.

    Because of how induction hobs work and are designed, they're safer to use with children in the kitchen. Electricity and magnets transfer heat directly onto pots and pans, which means most of the surface of induction hobs don't heat up and can be safe for children to touch.

    Smart features like automatic timers that automatically shut down your induction hob when the timer runs out or when your dish is finished cooking is super convenient, and it also assures safety and provides peace of mind knowing you won't overcook your dish when you leave the kitchen.


  • Induction hobs have more modern looks and appeal that fit right into any modern kitchen. The clean, minimalist, and sleek designs of induction hobs free up a lot of space in your kitchen, space that would otherwise be taken up by uneven stove tops like with traditional gas hobs. Their flat surfaces can serve as additional countertop space until the time that you actually need to cook on it.

    They’re also much easier to clean. Induction hob surfaces are often layered with durable glass that can be easily polished after every cooking session.

    Overall, induction hobs do the job of providing safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable cooking for almost any dish. Just make sure your pots and pans are induction-compatible to avoid problems and make the most of your induction hobs.

    So now that we know the benefits of induction hobs, how do you choose the right one for you?

    Let’s take a quick look at a few examples of induction hobs from Miele, Gaggenau, Bosch, and Siemens to compare what you can expect at certain price points (and check out some more induction hobs available at Ideali Home):




    Sample Models

    Bosch PVW851FB5E, Miele KM7464FL, Siemens iQ500 ED651FSB5E

    Bosch PXX975KW1E, Miele KM7667FL, Siemens iQ700 EX975LVV1E, Gaggenau CI272103

    Bosch PXX875D67E, Miele KMDA7476FL, Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E, Gaggenau CX482101

    Price Range (HKD/SGD)

    HKD$9,210 - $14,235
    SGD$2,175 - $1,761

    HKD$21,505 - $23,017
    SGD$3,807 - $4,093

    HKD$25,604 - $37,054
    SGD$6,791 - $10,119

    Core Induction Functions




    Smart Features and Cooking Modes

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    Premium Features


    This table presents a quick overview of the feature differences of the induction hobs at three price ranges.

    Entry-Level Induction Hobs: Modern Necessities

    Reference Products: Bosch PVW851FB5E , Miele KM7464FL, Siemens iQ500 ED651FSB5E

    Entry-level inductions hobs like the Bosch PVW851FB5E , Miele KM7464FL, Siemens iQ500 ED651FSB5E bring all the basic functionality you can expect in a modern induction hob.

    These induction hobs all have at least 4 induction zones, and they feature the magnetic heating elements that heat up your pans and pots directly and efficiently. They come with basic settings and control over power so you can set them to your desired heat output for ideal cooking temperatures.

    There are also basic safety features in place for inductions hobs at this price range. Often called a Child Lock, these features prevent kids from accidentally changing your cooking settings to avoid disruptions as you cook.

    At this level, the hobs still feature beautifully modern designs and sleek aesthetics that open up your kitchen to more space thanks to a minimal profile.

    Midrange Induction Hobs: A Touch Smarter

    Reference Products: Bosch PXX975KW1E, Miele KM7667FL, Siemens iQ700 EX975LVV1E, Gaggenau CI272103

    Stepping up the price range a notch, midrange induction hobs add even more smart functionality and features on top of what can be found in the entry-level range.

    They come with many names, but smart features are very similar across the three brands with slight variations among them. An example is the Keep Warm function that they all share, with a few smart features here and there.

    Bosch has features like PerfectFry, PerfectCook, and PanBoost that speed up cooking times and constantly monitor temperatures as you cook for perfect results. It also has a feature called MoveMode that programs your induction workspace into three distinct heating zones: levels 1, 5, and 9, so you can easily shift your pan between them as you cook.

    For Siemens, their midrange hobs feature a lot of the same functions as Bosch with different names like FryingSensor Plus, but have additions like CombiZone that combine multiple induction zones for bigger pots.

    Miele features very similar functions to both brands. But it also comes with a few additions like Wipe Protection that locks your settings when you need to wipe your induction workspace and Intelligent Pan Detection that automatically detects where you placed your pan and activates the corresponding induction zone.

    Gaggenau is well-known for it's high-end, aesthetically appeasing appliances and boasts a plethora of available models. From the 200 series, two primary elements are the rectangular Flex Function, which allows you to place any cookware and even combine them for extra large pans; and the frying sensor and cooking sensors, which automatically adjust the power settings to compliment the temperature of your food.

    Premium Induction Hobs: High-End Cookery

    Reference Products: Bosch PXX875D67E, Miele KMDA7476FL, Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E, Gaggenau CX482101

    Finally, at the cutting edge of modern cooking are the premium, high-end induction hobs. This tier features all the features and functionality from the two previous tiers and then some, adding some quality-of-life improvements to truly elevate your home cooking.

    The main highlight of these high-end induction hobs are the air extraction mechanisms they feature, which can only be found in the highest end models. These range hoods and exhaust vents are built into the hobs, and they help reduce odors, dissipate heat, and suck out air smoke in the kitchen to keep the place pleasant to work in.

    On top of all this functionality, premium induction hobs also feature the most aesthetically pleasing designs and build quality, packing incredibly smart features into a package that is both minimal in its profile yet useful and makes cooking very enjoyable and efficient.

    These are just some of the options you can choose from when picking the right induction hob for you. There's a wide array of induction hobs to choose from that can suit your cooking needs for years to come.

    At the end of the day, induction hobs are revolutionizing and optimizing the way we cook while keeping us safer, too. With this many options to choose from, we’re sure there’s an induction hob that’s the perfect fit for your needs. Find yours today and more with Ideali Home!