Product Comparison: Dishwashers

After feasting on delicious meals that you laboriously cooked in your kitchen, it’s time for the true and dreaded finale: washing dishes. But don’t worry, modern tech is here to help automate this chore so you can gain back valuable time for things that matter more.

Dishwashers are a great addition to any modern kitchen. These technical marvels are able to automate washing your used dishes and cutlery, saving you the effort and hassle of washing dishes by hand.

Let’s dispel some misconceptions about dishwashers and talk about their benefits:

  • Using a dishwasher consumes less water and energy. Modern dishwashers are smart enough to use just the right amount of water needed to clean your dishes, saving you gallons of water per cycle that adds up to 20-40% water savings per cycle. That’s much better than you or your helper keeping the tap running for 20 minutes while you wash dishes by hand.
  • Dishwashers can effectively clean hard-to-wash dishes and surfaces. Dishwashers can wash your dishes to a sparkling shine, especially with challenging surfaces like rough clay or uneven surfaces with pores and bumps. They can adjust their settings depending on the dishes they’re washing. They can even clean glasses that do not leave any watermarks afterwards.
  • Avoid unnecessary breakage from hand-washing dishes. Dishwashers keep your dirty plates, utensils, and glasses in place while washing, so there’s no room for accidentally breaking plates. No need to worry about your helper dropping plates and having to buy new ones to replace them.

So how do you go about choosing the right dishwasher for your home?

Let’s take a look at a few examples from Miele, Siemens, and Bosch to see what features you can expect at different price points for dishwashers (and check out some more dishwashers available at Ideali Home):





Sample Models

Siemens iQ300 SR93EX20MG, Bosch Serie 6 SMV6ZCX01GSiemens iQ500 SN95ZX61CG, Bosch Serie 6 SMD6EDX57G

Miele G5260SCVi, Miele G5690SCVi,

Miele G7362SCVi, Siemens SX87Y800BE, Bosch Serie 8 SMV8YCX01E

Price Range (HKD)

$ 7,730 - $11,571

$9,893 - $13,582

$11,884 - $18,854

Core Dishwasher Functions

Additional Features

Premium Features

This table presents a quick overview of the feature differences of the induction hobs at three price ranges.

Entry-Level Dishwashers: Washing Essentials

Reference Products: Siemens iQ300 SR93EX20MG, Bosch Serie 6 SMV6ZCX01G, Siemens iQ500 SN95ZX61CG, Bosch Serie 6 SMD6EDX57G

Entry-level dishwashers come with the essentials you need for hassle-free, effortless, and automated dishwashing.

You can expect dishwashers in this price range to have powerful washing and convenient drying modes. For example, the Miele G5260SCVi offers multiple modes depending on the items you need to wash such as QuickPower Wash / Express for quick yet powerful washes, and Half Load mode for when there's not much to wash. Siemens and Bosch equivalents also offer similar features under different names.

Like most modern appliances, even entry-level dishwashers are simple and intuitive to use, with modern interfaces that are easy to set-up and get going.

Midrange Dishwashers: Smarter Washing

Reference Products: Miele G5690SCVi, Miele G5260SCVi

Midrange dishwashers add a dash of even smarter technology and sophisticated modes on top of the entry-level features that make dishwashing much simpler and more effective.

Drying is automated in this price range as well, with some models offering automated door opening modes when washing is finished to avoid moisture building up on your washed items, while others make use of warm air to dry off the clean dishes.


All models feature eco-friendly and eco-smart modes that intelligently detect how much water and energy is needed based on weight to efficiently wash your dishes without wasting too much water per cycle. They even come with sensors that can inform you how much water and electricity you’ll be using for every cycle.

In this price range, you can also expect smarter washing and drying modes for challenging surfaces and specific modes to handle delicate washes like glass and other fragile cutlery or utensils.

Premium Dishwashers: Top-of-the-Line Washing

Reference Products: Miele G7362SCVi, Siemens SX87Y800BE, Bosch Serie 8 SMV8YCX01E

Finally, we have the most luxurious dishwashers available.

These dishwashers come with all the functionality and features from the previous two price ranges, with some additional features and quality-of-life improvements to make dishwashing a delightful and truly hassle-free experience.

These models feature smart functionalities reserved only for the cream of the crop, such as:

  • HygienePlus that maximizes intense temperatures at final stage of the cycle for a more thorough clean
  • Auto-Start that automatically sets your washer to start at a set schedule through the Miele app so you no longer have to forget setting it up every time
  • Auto-DOS that automatically measures how much detergent the machine will use and how much heat it needs to effectively dry the washed dishes for a hassle-free experience
  • Favorite Function that remembers your settings so you don’t have to keep fiddling with your dishwasher's settings every time you wash.

These are just some of the many ways dishwashers can improve your daily lives. We’ve only scratched the surface, and with many options to choose from, one will definitely suit your needs. They’re a great investment that will save you time, effort, and energy that you can dedicate to the things that matter most.

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