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Microwaves have revolutionized the quick and easy heating of just about every kind of food, making use of technology that sounds like something out of science fiction. Today, it’s a staple in every home, and the tech has developed greatly. But how do you go about choosing the right one that suits your needs? (Explore Ideali Home’s catalog of microwaves and microwave ovens here.)

Let’s compare a series of microwave ovens and combi-microwave ovens from our partner brand Miele. Their diverse lines of microwave ovens have quite the variety in terms of function and features at every price point, ensuring you can find just the right one to outfit your kitchen with.

For a bird’s eye view of the functionality you can expect to find at various price ranges for modern microwaves, check out this table:

(BASIC) Microwave Oven

(MIDRANGE) Combi-Microwave Oven

(TOP-END) Combi-Microwave Oven


M7140TC (45x60 cm), M7240TC (45x60 cm) 

H7140BM (45x60 cm), H7240BM (45x60 cm) 

H7640BM (45x60 cm), H7840BM (45x 60 cm)

Price (HKD/SGD)

HKD: $13,015

SGD: $2,270

HKD: $3,258 - $19,812

SGD: $3,258 - $3,455

HKD: $30,007 - $36,237

SGD: $5,234 - $6,320 

Core Miele Functionality

(Popcorn Function, Quick Microwave Function, Automatic Programs, Combination Mode)




Modern Functions

(Quick and Gentle, Special Applications, Residual Heat Utilization, Crisp Function)

✔️ (11 Modes)

✔️ (17-18 Modes)

Advanced Features

(Pyrolytic Cleaning, MotionReact)

✔️ (Pyrolytic Cleaning)

✔️(Pyrolytic Cleaning, MotionReact)

Display / Interface

DirectSensor (touch-sensitive buttons)

DirectSensor (touch-sensitive buttons)

M Touch / M Touch S (full touchscreen)

This table presents a quick overview of the feature differences of the Miele microwave ovens at three price ranges.

Basic Microwave Ovens: Essential Features You Need

Reference Models: Miele M7140TC (45x60 cm) & M7240TC (45x60 cm) [HKD 13,015

Miele's entry-level microwave ovens like the M7140TC come with the core functionality you need in a modern microwave. A standout feature that’s perfect for movie nights is the Popcorn Function that simplifies cooking a perfect bundle of popcorn for hassle-free cinema experiences at home.

The base models also come with semi-smart features like Quick Microwave Function (for fast heating at higher energy levels), Automatic Programs to simplify heating for different kinds of food, and Combination Mode that combines microwave and oven heating to ensure that your food’s inner sections are well-cooked and juicy while keeping the exterior crispy. 

Even the base or standard model microwave ovens come with a beautifully modern aesthetic design that pairs well with any modern kitchen, evoking a sense of luxury and to your setup.

Midrange Combi-Microwave Ovens: Smarter Waves 

Reference Models: Miele H7140BM (45x60 cm) [HKD 18,679] & H7240BM (45x60 cm) [HKD 19,812]

Midrange Miele microwave ovens like the H7140BM turn the heat up a notch with more features, particularly smarter combinations for clever and effective heating.

Features like the Quick & Gentle function enable a new level of heating versatility, where you can combine the even heating of an oven with the granular heating of microwaves to achieve precise heating results for many kinds of food, especially meats. The Crisp Function enables high amounts of heat to crackle up your food’s exterior for crispy textures while cooking the inside perfectly.

There’s also a bump up in the number of functions you can do with midrange models such as Special Applications and up to 11 cooking modes, allowing you to maximize the functionality of your microwave oven for virtually any dish.

Residual Heat Utilization detects when your microwave oven still has some heat left in its chamber so that it can smartly adjust to use less energy and accommodate excess heat.

Midrange models also provide some improvement in the looks department, with more color options like black, grey, and white designs that continue the luxurious feel and build quality.

Top-End Microwave Ovens: Waves of Luxury

Reference Models: Miele H7640BM (45x60 cm) [HKD 30,007] & H7840BM (45x 60 cm) [HKD 36,237

We’ve finally arrived at the pinnacle of the microwave oven game. The highest-end models like the H7840BM feature additional smarts and features combined with everything we’ve already discussed in the previous two price ranges. It is, quite simply, the complete microwave oven package.

Premium microwave ovens feature the most cooking modes in the entire lineup, with up to 17 or 18 cooking modes for virtually any dish. It combines traditional oven heating with modern microwave tech for great versatility and granular control.

The oven is even smart enough to clean up after itself. Top-end combi-microwave ovens feature Pyrolytic Cleaning that uses high amounts of heat to burn off any residue that sticks to the inner walls of your oven for effortless cleaning after use.

And for the cherry on top, the top-end models feature the most premium design choices. The ovens come with M Touch touchscreen displays for a futuristic touch that brings all your microwave oven’s features into a friendly user interface. These models even include MotionSensor technology that knows when you’re nearby so it can show you what’s cooking or start-up its interface, ready for you to use. These are just the tip of the iceberg features-wise, but premium microwave ovens bring the best of both world to your kitchen.

More Options from Other Brands

Miele’s diverse and comprehensive range of products puts into perspective what you can expect from a microwave oven at different price points, but there are even more options from other brands like Siemens and Bosch to add to your choices, too.





Serie 6/8

Price (HKD/SGD)

HKD: $12,789 - $22,644

SGD: $2,230 - $3,949

HKD: $8,116 - $14,075

SGD: $1,415 -  $2,455

Noteworthy Features

Core microwave functions, Hydrolytic/Pyrolytic/Catalytic Cleaning, 4D HotAir (even heating), Smart Assistant compatibility

Core microwave functions, Bosch Assist, EcoClean Direct (easier to clean), Recipe Collection programs, Self-cleaning functions

All things considered, having a microwave oven in your home will elevate the ease and versatility of what you can do with food, especially when it come to heating or cooking virtually any dish. It’s a blend of old and new technology that’s imbued with smarter tech for even easier and hassle-free cooking that’s perfect for a modern kitchen setup.

With this many options to choose from, we’re sure there’s a microwave oven that’s the perfect fit for you! Find yours today and discover more at Ideali Home!