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Ideali is here for you every step of the way. From the moment you select your homeware pieces, all the way to shipping. We provide you live order updates for your purchases.

Here are some of our ongoing live orders.

Unique Appliance Finds, only at Ideali Home

Delivered Aug 12, 2021

Ever found a dream appliance online that you’d love to have in your home, only to realize that you can’t find it anywhere in Hong Kong? 

Ideali Home brings you closer to having hard-to-find appliances in your home, with a catalog of unique items from brands all over the world you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t believe us? Here’s a story of one of our recent deliveries. 

A customer was interested in acquiring a truly unique addition to his kitchen, the Siemens iQ700 downdraft range hood. (Also check out the wide variety of range hoods available at Ideali Home here.)

It’s a really stunning piece of engineering that adds a futuristic flair to your kitchen. It has an automated, translucent glass pane that lights up and ventilates fumes when activated, giving off a cyberpunk-like vibe as you cook delicious meals.

Only one problem: This range hood isn’t locally available in Hong Kong. 

It’s a good thing, then, that it’s available through Ideali Home. Despite this range hood not being available anywhere else in Hong Kong, we were able to bring the appliance to his home without issue through our partnership with Siemens. His kitchen now has a spectacular piece of cookware he can use as he cooks meals for friends and family.Explore Ideali Home’s vast catalog of furniture and finishings for any and every room in your home. You may just find that perfect appliance you won’t find anywhere else.


Exact Same Hood, Half the Price

Delivered July 23, 2021

If you need another reason to love shopping for your furniture and appliances at Ideali Home, then here’s a story from one of our recent deliveries. 

A customer had a premium range hood in mind for his new kitchen: the Miele PUR98W Wall-Mounted Hood (pictured below).

Upon checking Miele’s official product page and other appliance sellers online, he found that the price for one of these hoods went for no less than HKD 20,000 apiece. 

But upon discovering Ideali Home, he found the exact same range hood for almost half the price at only HKD 10,000. 

At this point, it was a no-brainer for him. Since we at Ideali source our products directly from original manufacturers to ensure authenticity and excellent quality, he was ultimately able to buy the exact range hood he wanted at half off with no compromises. And with Ideali’s excellent delivery and installation service, the appliance was delivered to his home and installed without issue.  

These are prices and deals you won’t find anywhere else but at Ideali Home. Explore our vast catalog of genuine furniture and appliances sourced from original brands all over the world, ready to be delivered and installed in your home in Hong Kong.


Mr. Ma’s Luxury Furniture

Delivered May 21, 2021

Our client, Mr. Ma purchased luxury furniture pieces for his home. He had ordered a stylish ceramic long table, classic coffee tables, and chairs from Ideali. We’ve provided him a wonderful selection of pieces with varying colors, sizes, and styles— all sourced from trusted brands in Europe and the USA.

Apart from a smooth experience ordering on our website, we take pride in putting in the time and effort to ensure that we deliver your purchases safely, and damage-free.

We go the extra mile to make sure your items are protected and secure. We use proper wooden crates during shipping and storage. We obtain or design and build a crate that perfectly meets an item’s needs. Then we carefully position the item, and block, brace, and package it to ensure it is anchored in transit and arrives undamaged. So, you can be confident that the furniture pieces you’ve been so excited to receive get to you in the best condition possible.

Lisa’s Miele appliances

Delivered Feb 5, 2021

Lisa had set out to do improvements on her home and upgrade some of her kitchen appliances. She ordered a Miele Built-In Oven for her kitchen just before Christmas. A great choice for its efficient energy rating and a model that is easy to clean and thanks to its steel finish, perfect for upgrading Lisa’s current oven situation.

We’re happy to say that even through the Christmas Rush we were able to ship and deliver her in a span of a few weeks thanks to our laser shipping! Not only do you get amazing savings through purchasing through Ideali, but we do our best to ensure that you get your appliances the quickest way possible.

Mrs. Wong’s towel warmer

Delivered Jan 21, 2021

The challenge Mrs. Wong faced in redesigning her bathroom was to find key pieces that matched the look she had originally envisioned for her space, especially with the limited colors and finishes available in Hong Kong.

In need of a towel warmer, Ideali was able to custom source the Zehnder Subway, a radiator in a special color and finish that works perfectly with the rest of the bathroom. The Zehnder brand is not listed on Ideali's website, but our supplier network can source practically every European brand and product model. 

Curating and specially sourcing pieces that tie in with the look you’ve imagined for your home.
Katy’s Miele and Siemens appliances 

Delivered Jan 5, 2021

Our client Katy, among other purchases, had her eyes on Miele’s top end Steam Combination Oven DGC7860 (HK Retail Price: $94,000). Miele’s brilliant dual steam technology allows for steam to spread throughout the oven evenly and rapidly, providing all-round expert and consistent results every time.

Ideali not only offered the usual 30-40% discount on a premium appliance, but also sourced a variant of the same model only available in Europe, which had wired vs wireless food probe, and provided a further $8,000 in savings.

A fantastic purchase with such a great price reduction. 
Elizabeth's Miele appliances 

Delivered 17 Dec, 2020

Our client Elizabeth is remodeling her kitchen. Thanks to advanced notice, we were able to ship by sea freight, which costed only $5,000 for the entire kitchen’s worth of appliances.

One of the highlights of her purchase is the Miele Fully Integrated Slimline Dishwasher. Its compact and innovative design allows it to fit perfectly into smaller spaces and provides an unparalleled clean wash for your dishware. At the same time, Miele offers several wash settings, even providing gentle cleansing for your most delicate glassware, so you can rest easy.

We can’t wait for her to enjoy her new and improved kitchen with her Miele products.