Product Comparison: Steamer & Combi-Steam Oven - Ideali

 Modern steamers have become quite technologically advanced, with new features, varieties, and functionality that fit just about every cooking need. But how do you go about choosing the right one? (Explore Ideali Home’s catalog of steamers and combi-steam ovens here.)

Let’s compare a series of steamers and combi-steam ovens from our partner brand Miele. Their wide range of steamers and combi-steamer ovens have some of the best functions and features in the business, with models for every budget that modernize steaming.

Let's explore the functionality you can expect to find at different price ranges for modern steamers to elevate your cooking versatility.






DG2740, DG7440

DGC7440, DGC7460

DGC7660, DGC7860

Price (HKD/SGD)

HKD: $11,158 - $20,378

SGD: $1,946 - $3,554

HKD: $29,440 - $43,033

SGD: $5,134 - $7,505

$51,529 - $60,024

Core Miele Functionality

(Dual Steam, 3 Steam Levels, Automatic Steam Reduction)




Modern Cooking Modes

(Sous Vide, Roast with Moisture, Intensive Bake, Cake Plus, etc.)

✔️ (12+ Modes)

✔️ (18+ Modes)

Advanced Smart Features

(Automatic Menu Cooking, Food Probe, Black / Grey / White available)

✔️ (Automatic Menu Cooking, more design choices)

✔️(Automatic Menu Cooking, Food Probe, more design choices)

Display / Interface

EasySensor (dials)

DirectSensor (touch-sensitive buttons)

M Touch / M Touch S (full touchscreen)



MotionReact, Motorised Oven Door

MotionReact, Motorised Oven Door, Polyphonic Buzzers

This table presents a quick overview of the feature differences of the Miele steamers and combi-steam ovens at three price ranges.

Basic Steamers: Nailing the Essentials

Reference Products: Miele DG2740 (HKD 11,158) and DG7440 (HKD 20,378) 

Miele's entry-level steamers like the DG2740 all come with essential functionality you would expect in a modern steamer. At this range, Miele's DualSteam technology ensures consistently even heat distribution throughout the cooking chamber compared to traditional ovens.

In addition, you can steam at up to 3 levels of steam at once. This allows you to cook different types of food simultaneously without the flavor spilling over across the levels and simplifying your cooking.

They also all come with the smart feature of automatic steam reduction. Your steamer automatically dissipates excess heat when finished to prevent overcooking, but retains just enough heat to keep your food warm and ready to eat.

Despite being entry-level steamers (only compared to the rest of the lineup), they also come with modern aesthetic design that still exudes great quality. Most models in this range come in stainless steel or black designs that beautifully fit into any modern kitchen. 

Midrange Combi-Steam Ovens: Better Versatility 

Reference Products: Miele DGC7440 45x60cm (HKD 29,440) and DGC7460 60x60cm (HKD 43,033)

Midrange Miele steam ovens like the DGC7440 take a step up in terms of features, particularly an increase in cooking modes. These include sous vide (slow cooking through regulated temperature), roasting with moisture, intensive baking, and specialized cake modes. You name it, you can most probably cook with these steam ovens and their 12+ operating modes.

The step up to touch-sensitive DirectSensor buttons enable a more user-friendly experience for the core functions you need at a glance. 

Midrange models also feature a slight improvement in aesthetics, with more color options like black, grey, and white designs and some models featuring handleless doors for even cleaner and sleeker looks in your kitchen.

Premium Combi-Steam Ovens: High End, High Tech Steaming

Reference Products: Miele DGC7660 (HKD 51,529) and DGC7860 (HKD 60,024)

Finally, we're at the top of the steaming game. Everything we've discussed so far, you can find in one of Miele's high-end steamer ovens, with even more bells and whistles on top of the already impressive spec list.

High-end steamer ovens like Miele's DGC7860 offer some of the most feature-packed and intelligent steaming experiences you can get today.

First off, premium steam ovens feature a Food Probe built right into the oven chamber, which you can use to monitor your food’s internal temperature for more precise and confident cooking. Depending on the model, you can get either a wired or special wireless food probe for less clutter inside the oven. The steamer ovens are smart enough to give you an estimate of when your food finishes cooking, which takes the worry away from overcooking your food.

Secondly, Automatic Menu Cooking is a premium feature that takes the guesswork out of your cooking. Simply set up to 3 cooking modes for each dish you plan to cook, and the steamer oven will intelligently tell you when to cook each ingredient. It's smart, easily programmable cooking that’s quick to set up and run.

And to top it all off, the high-end Miele steamers feature the most design choices, some even coming with completely handle-less designs for true sleekness in the kitchen. They come with M Touch touchscreens, bringing all your steam oven’s capabilities in one friendly user interface. Higher models even include MotionSensor technology that senses and reacts to your presence. Alarms automatically switch off as you approach, and the oven can even automatically open the oven doors to reveal the water tank and food probe ready for your use. This is as close as it gets to hands-free, worry-free steaming.

More Options with Other Brands

The choices don't stop with Meiele's steamer ovens. Siemens and Bosch both have one or few models in their lineup that offer core steamer functions at even friendlier budgets.




iQ700 (45x60 cm), iQ700 (60x60 cm)

Serie 8 (45x60 cm)

Price (HKD)

$11,316 - $18,679


Noteworthy Features

Core steamer functions, TFT Display, SoftMove for automatic door closing/opening, Roasting sensor, and HomeConnect App (for bigger model)

Core steamer functions, Added Steam cooking, TFT touchscreen, LED lighting


This diversity in product choice gives you the freedom to select the features relevant to your needs while ensuring that steaming is easier, smarter, and more enjoyable across the board.

With this many options to choose from, we’re sure there’s a steamer that’s the perfect fit for your needs. Find yours today and more at Ideali Home!