5 Reasons Why Premium Wine Fridges are Better in Quality - Ideali

Enjoy your favorite bottles of wine and savor the flavor of every sip. There are so many factors that go into storing and aging wine at the optimum conditions and there are so many brands and models out in the market. One might wonder how they differ from one another and what to look out for in your search for a wine fridge that's a cut above the rest. Which are the most premium brands and how are they better?

We're here to share our favorite models, brands, and key factors you should consider in making your purchase.  

1. The edge of a premium wine fridge lies in its stability and consistency
The quickest way to ruin a fine bottle of wine is to store it at the wrong temperature. Wine is a drink as delicate as it is versatile, and when stored improperly, it will age too fast and create that terrible vinegar taste. But what most people don't know is that the main reason why a cheap fridge won't cut it is because wine is also sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. A good quality wine fridge keeps the temperature precisely where it needs to be, developing the optimal aroma and flavor when it's poured and served. 

Miele Liebherr are some of the top brands for home appliances we carry at Ideali. With impressive technology, first class features and excellent design, you certainly can't go wrong with your purchase. 

The Miele MasterCool Wine Conditioning Unit and the Liebherr Wine Cabinet are our top picks. Both models comes with 3 temperature zones, so you can store your various wines at the perfect temperature and the best part is that it comes with special cooling technology that stabilizes the temperature too.  
2. Indulge in the experience
Enjoy not only the flavor of your favorite bottles of wine, but indulge in elevating your experience with a premium storage system. Our favorite wine fridges provide that little extra delightful and user-friendly functions that make wine drinking all the more enjoyable. 

Miele's MasterCool Wine Conditioning Unit has BrilliantLight technology, a luxurious LED-lit wine refrigerator that provides well lit interiors. It also has a Push2Open system for convenient door-opening assistance when you've got your hands full. Plus, it even has Wifi Connect, so you can access your wine fridge from your mobile phone. 

3. Your collection deserves the best 
Your expensive collection of wine deserves a dedicated space. As much as we'd all love to have a home cellar, not everyone has space or the budget for one. Home cellars don't suit everyone, they're not always practical, and they tend to be very difficult to maintain. While you could just find some space in your pantry or store wine in a regular refrigerator, these storage conditions aren't ideal for preserving the quality of your wine.

Having dedicated storage space for your wines means you won't be taking up precious space in your refrigerator or other parts of your home. Additionally, with large collections, it is a great way to track the inventory of your wines and organize your collection

Leibherr's Built-In Wine Cabinet comes with Beech wood shelving for easy wine access and a presentation shelf for storage and presentation purposes. 

4. Keep light and vibration at bay
The greatest function of a wine cooler is its ability to protect your wine collection from any natural elements that could potentially be damaging. Avoid setting up your new system anywhere that deals with direct sunlight, as the UV rays from the sun can cause the chemical compounds in your wine to break down and alter the aromas of the wine.

Vibration and movement also play a role in keeping your favorite bottles in tip-top shape. All wine comes with a little bit of sediment inside the bottle, made up of leftover yeast and grape bits from fermentation. This sediment is perfectly natural and safe to drink, but it could also potentially change the flavor of your wine if constantly swirled throughout the bottle. Having a set space like a wine refrigerator ensures that light is kept out and movement is minimized.

Both Miele and Liebherr's wine fridge models come with insulated glass doors with UV protection to safeguard the wine from busy kitchen influences such as movement, vibration, and light. 

5. Functional yet stylish
Lastly, apart from the functional benefits of owning a wine refrigerator, we love the fact that it is ultra-chic and luxe! Having it in your home makes for an interesting conversation piece with your guests.

Find the perfect wine refrigerator for your home. We’ve got an array of choices available for you to explore. Browse through our carefully curated brands sourced directly from Europe and the USA. We’ve also made sure to bring you the best rates in the market! Shop with ease knowing you’ll get the best savings for the products we offer you here at Ideali.

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